Wholesale Product Catalogs

Shannon Martin Design

Shop Shannon Martin wholesale at our Brandwise Marketplace.

You will need to a Brandwise Passport to view our online catalogs. Once you have a Passport and are approved for shopping, you will be able to order online. Please note that you will have a choice of shopping from a “Catalog” view or a “Gallery” view. We encourage trying both to see which works best for you!

To receive a digital (or printed) copy of the Shannon Martin catalogs, please email us at orders@shannonmartindesign.com or call us at 877.957.0940. Need some suggestions for best sellers or help in creating a customer collection? We’re happy to help.

Biely & Shoaf Collection

Wholesale online ordering for Biely & Shoaf Collection is available three ways:

1. Call 877-957-0940 to speak to our fabulous customer service team.

2. Shop online via this direct link bielyshoaf.faire.com

3. Register for a wholesale account to shop on our site. If you do not have an account, click here and you will receive an email confirmation once your account is approved for wholesale access. If you do have a wholesale account, log in here.

A. Smyth Co.

Wholesale online ordering for A. Smyth Co. is available by either calling 877-957-0940 or online via this direct link asmythco.faire.com

Oatmeal Studios

Wholesale online ordering for Oatmeal Studios is available by either calling 877-957-0940 or online via this direct link oatmealstudios.faire.com

General Questions/Orders

To place a wholesale order, or to answer any questions, email us at info@bielyshoaf.com or call us at 877-957-0940.

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